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Sheet wet cosmetic mask MORDO

Sheet wet cosmetic mask MORDO

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– Smoothes age and mimic wrinkles,

– Stimulates the “feel good factors” of the skin,

– Gives the skin a radiant and rested look,

– Promotes skin cell renewal,

– Returns a clear contour to the face,

– The content of one sachet is equal to the volume of the weekly use of serum,

– Natural and biodegradable material guarantees excellent contact between ingredients and skin,

– anti-gravity effect,

– natural snail mucus contributes to the treatment of psoriasis,

– nutrition with Allatnoin, Collagen, Glycolic and Hyaluronic acid,

– very light whitening and reduced contrast of age spots.

Active Principles


Cosmetologist's Advice

Apply the MORDO beauty mask on the face with the fabric side

Carefully peel off the film and flatten the mask

Leave on for 15-30 minutes and then gently remove

No need to wash your face

Massage the rest of the serum into the skin and apply moisturizer.

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